Daily Feline Prompt: Local Feline

Tabby 23.06.2017

I always stay local, it is my territory marked with my own flavours. I am sure you can see the lotus blossoms spring out of the ground as I walk. You cannot see them? That is because they are really only there for feline eyes. This territorial thing can get a little probematic. There might be a new feline in town, one that wants to  claim my territoriy as his.

Unknown Cat 24.07.2017

This example arrived a couple of months ago. He is a lookalike Tabby, but not a real genuine Tabby like me. they say he is a Bengal, whatever that is. I noticed he was in my territory as there was an unfamiliar smell in he air, not as perfumed and sweet smelling as mine. I was going to chase him away, but then I noticed his claws were sharper and longer than mine and he showed no respect for my possessional rights.

Luckily Röschti, the feline next door, had the same problem. We do respect our local rights to territory here. Röschti is quite good at feline fights and this new arrival decided to move on after an encounter, but he is still here. Mrs. Human says he has expanded his area of walks and she saw him near the river. I must have a word with Roschti, Perhaps a little push in the right direction could do wonders, especially if this new arrival on the territory cannot swim.

Otherwise we felines know what is ours. Only yesterday Roschti took a walk on the border of my territory, but I was watching and following with my eyes. He saw me and walked on. He has respect for felines like myself, once worshipped as gods. I have seen many felines come and go, but I have conquered them all, although Mrs. Human said they moved away because their human slave no longer lives here. I am convinced they moved away out of respect for my territorial rights.

Daily Feline Prompt: Local Feline

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Local Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, I understand your territorial imperatives. I, also, have my territory and though my human says that Joan has moved away, I sometimes smell a canine on the other side of the fence. It is not Joan, that is true, but it could be one of Joan’s minions. I barked at it fiercely as did my little sister, Bear and it seems to have gone away on its own. My human says it’s humans let it in the house, but I am sure that the ferocity of our barks drove it out to find a new territory. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Every other feline fears my strength and bravery in the face of a threat to my territory. They would not dare to infringe on my rights, they respect me as being No. 1. There are some that might ignore this, but I know how to beat them and drive them away. It is very easy. I just disappear through my cat flat. It has a secret lock and only I have the key on my collar. I am not sure how it works, but the flap opens when I enter and I can escape from the agressive attacks of the others and am safe in my own four walls. Let’s face it, only a fool would fight for a few pieces of land and the others eventually go away.
      Tabby T. Cat

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    • Meow, I don’t get along with other felines, it would run my reputation. This new feline in town likes to get close, very suspicious. I saw him eying my food bowl – never trust another feline no matter who they are. Bengal or otherwise,what’s in a name.


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