Daily Feline Prompt: Sunny Feline


“No Mrs. Human, I do not want to go outside, I will get a sun stroke.”

“Tabby you have been sleeping all day inside, that is not healthy.”

“It is healthy for a feline. We need our sleep to recover from the engergy we use searching for sleeping places. You cannot be so cruel as to send me out in the burning sun, my wiskers will shrivel and I have still not found the zip on my coat yet. I am sure the opening is at the back of my neck which is impossible to reach with teeth, tongue or claws. If I went outside I would be doomed, exposed to the hot sun beating down.”

“Do not exaggerate Tabby, it is now cooler. It rained all night.”

“I know, and that was another attempt to remove another life. It was not just rain, it was bombs being dropped everywhere: noise and flasing lights. I had to find somewhere indoors to sleep.”

“But it was just a storm and after an hour it went away.”

“An hour? That was an hourĀ of my fifth life. And now you expect me to allow this weather torture to continue by going out in the sun.”

“You can shelter beneath a tree in the shade.”

“I am in constant shade indoors on this comfortable chair and do not need to go anywhere.”

“But the sun has now disappeared behind a cloud.”

“That is a trick, as soon as I go outside it will appear again. You cannot trust the sun. It is all a scheme arranged between the clouds and the sun. And now leave me to sleep. I might venture outside in the evening when the sun switches itself off. Mrs. Human keep an eye on the sun and let me know when it goes away. I suppose in a way I like the sunny weather, I can at last get around to getting enough sleep.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Sunny Feline