Daily Feline Prompt: Magnetised Feline

Tabby 27.06 (1)

“Having a wash Tabby?”

“I am actually having a paw nail manicure.”

“That must be very tricky.”

“Yes it is Mrs. Human. I must examine each claw for foreign matter. There is nothing worse that having a claw fight with another feline and you cannot produce a good clean scratch if there are pieces of earth and stones in between. Now I have to clean out that white stuff the builders are using. It is softens my blows. I have a reputation to keep up.”

“Tabby claws are not only for use in feline fights and I am glad when you keep out of trouble.”

“Trouble does not exist in meow Mrs. Human. What is the point of having a claw if you cannot defend yourself with it. It is also a matter of reputation. I do not want the other felines calling me a cissy because I have blunt claws.”

“But you have no reason to fight other felines.”

“We felines do not need reasons. We just apply logic. We are all conceited, angry felines, protecting our territories and food. We are under constant threat from other felines  and above all we dislike each other.”

“It must be a lonely life being a feline Tabby.”

“Lonely, never. We all hate each other, so we all have something in common. And now leave me to clean, polish and sharpen my claws.”

“But not on my table leg.”

“Mrs. Human this table leg is perfect, the best quality wood for sharpening claws.”

“And afterwards it will be full of scratch marks.”

“Of course, it will, you can show it to all your human friends and tell them what nice sharp claws I have.”

“Tabby go outside and sharpen your claws on a tree.”

“But the tree will not like that.”

“And neither does my table.”

“But the tree told me that it does not want me to sharpen my claws on its trunk. Your table says nothing because it is dead material. Every feline knows that trees, and walls, are to be respected.”

“Tabby this conversation is a little too philosphical for my simple human understanding, just go and sharpen your claws somewhere else.”

“Your bed supports?”


“Ok, Ok, just asking.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Magnetised Feline

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Magnetised Feline

  1. I had a leather sofa upon which one of my cats sharpened claws for years. By the time we got rid of it, it looked like brown leather shredded wheat. He was a wonderful cat and if he had been a little less adorable, the destruction would have killed him. Eventually he got older and calmed down and I gave up on leather. Forever. Mostly, we’ve given up on anything that doesn’t go well with dog hair.

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    • We always had black leather. We even had our Desede recovered instead of buying a new one. That was when our blind cat Fluffy decided to sharpen his claws on it. We were not happy, but the scratch marks are no longer so noticeable. Tabby prefers beds, but they are covered during the day and she is short haired in any case.


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