Daily Feline Prompt: Snack Feline


“Mrs. Human, my bowl is empty. I thought I had left a morsel of tuna fish for later.”

“There was a morsel, but it was so small that it dried up in the heat and I had to throw it away.”

“Throw it away? But it was my rescue from starvation. I left it for later in the case that I would have hunger pains.”

“I thought you were finished with the bowl, and there was only half a bite left.”

“Half a bite is the difference between death by starvation and losing another one of my precious lives.”

“Don’t exaggerate Tabby, you still have a full bowl of vitamin pellets.”

“Vitamin pellets, that is really no comparison. I am talking about food, juice and taste bud enjoyment. I need a snack and not a fully blown up meal of vitamin pellets that I have to force down my throat and drink a bowl of water afterwards to send them on their way. I want my tuna fish snack.”

“No, Tabby, too much tuna fish is not good for you. You eat so much that you leave your vitamin pellets which are more nutritional.”

“Nutritional definitely does not exist in meow, although I think somewhere in the archives of meow it is a synonym for filleted mouse or marinated bird which I never get here in any case.”

“Humans do not filet mice or marinate birds.”

“Ok, then I will have to make do eating the mouse raw, although I might have to cough up a fur ball aftrwards. Same with bird, it will definitely produce a feather ball.”

“Ok Tabby, point taken. How would it be when I roast a chicken for me and Mr. Human for dinner and give you some pieces on your plate.”

“Mrs. Human, I do not do “pieces”, as you describe it. I am a feline, once worshipped as a god and my ancestors were not burnt at the stake or drowned in ponds with their witches to be reincarnated and eat “pieces” of chicken. Try me with a wing, or a leg – fileted of course. The bones might cause me to choke. And to save you work, you do not have to spice the chicken, I prefer the taste pure with no added flavours.”

“Oh I am glad Tabby, it would save me time not having to spice it.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, I am always willing to assist then I can. But don’t forget to debone it.”

“Of course not Tabby, we cannot have you coughing up bone-balls.”

“You are learning Mrs. Human. It is a long process, but you will get there eventually. Do not forget to wake me when the chicken is ready.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Snack Feline”