Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Passenger


“I love this chair, it rocks, I mean really rocks.”

“Tabby what is that noise. It sounds like you have knocked something over.”

“Everything under control Mrs. Human, just settling in for the afternoon sleep.”

“On my rocking chair.”

“Correction, my rocking chair, but you are allowed to use it when not occupied by me. This is one of the best chairs you bought for me.”

“I did not buy it for you. It has been in the family for many years.”

“I don’t have a family Mrs. Human, just devoted slaves who aim in life is to ensure that I have everything my heart desires.”

“But don’t make so much noise when you jump onto the chair.”

“But it tends to move when I arrive. It has a very soothing motion, ideal for sending me to my feline sleeping grounds. Insead of just standing there and complaining you could give the chair gentle regular pushes to encourage my sleep relxations. No, not like that, slower and more gentle. Yes, that is ideal.”

“Satisfied Tabby? Need a tummy tickle.”

“When you mention it, yes that would be ideal. And now more rhythm in the back and forth motions, more gentle. Imagine I am a raw egg. Use your imagination.”

“I really have other things to do Tabby.”

“Be patient Mrs. Human. There is nothing nore important that doing your duty in the service of a feline. I think now it is fine, just leave softly, no unneccessary noise and close the window. There is a wind blowing outside which would distrub my sleep rhythm.

Yes there is nothing better than a chair that rocks back and forth. Wait I can hear the sound of a tin opener. I must have fallen asleep in the meanwhile. Time for dinner, but I will be back for my rocking chair journey later, for the second phase of my sleep.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Passenger