Daily Feline Prompt: Scampering Feline


“Tabby I take a daily photo of your actions to show all the humans what you are doing, and all you are doing is sleeping.”

“We felines are creatures of habits Mrs. Human, same time, same place. If you took your photo at midnight or in the early morning hours, I would be scampering around, it would be action time.”

“But that is not my action time Tabby, then I am sleeping.”

“If you want to show the Tabby action time, then you will have to change your sleep pattern Mrs. Human. Leave your bedroom door open during the night, and I would visit you with a paw swipe to let you know when it is feline action time.”

“No thankyou Tabby, I do not intend to change my sleep rhythm in accordance with the feline timetable.”

“But think of all the action photos you could take. Tabby on a mouse hunt, Tabby climbing trees, Tabby scampering across the meadow. There are untold possiilities. You should really do someting about your timing Mrs. Human. No feline is action packed during the day, we are nocturnal animals basically. We had to adjust because of the human feeding times. It seems that humans do not fill our food bowls during the night and so we had to adapt. You see Mrs. Human, we felines also adapt according to the human routine. It is now time for humans to consider the feline routine.”

“Tabby, since you took over, my life is one feline routine. I even had to adjust my shopping list according to your wishes.”

“I would prefer a tuna fish supper at midnight at not in the middle of the day, but no consideration. Mrs. Human is sleeping at midnight.”

“I could prepare your tuna fish in the bowl during the day and you can eat it during the night.”

“No way Mrs. Human. If there is tuna fish in the bowl it will be eaten. Do you really think I will watch it for hours untl it is time. Take what you get when you get is is the feline motto. There is also the dehydration factor to bear in mind.”

“The what?”

“Would you eat tuna fish if it is not fresh”

“Not really, but I only serve it when I want to eat it.”

“And we felines can eat dried tuna fish without liquid? The liquid is the best part of the dish. And now if there are no other subjects to draw my attention, I will sleep further. Perhaps you could set the timer on your smartphone, or shall I set mine on my Pawpad?”

Daily Feline Prompt: Scampering Feline