Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Dash


The decision in a feline life are so difficult. Shall I make a dash for it or not. It is not cold outside, so I will not freeze. On the other paw the skies are grey: got you there didn’t I? No, I am not completely colour blind, as far as I am concerned I am not colour blind at all, although Mrs. Human finds I am missing the wonderful reds and orange of the sunset. How I am supposed to miss them, when I do not see them. Sunsets are sunsets and the sun always goes down. That is the time for mouse hunting and earth sniffing.

I am wandering from the theme. The main problem with weather is that it might rain. I know it is only water and I love water, but it has to lie on the ground. Water I can lap with my tongue and absorb. The water that is falling from the sky is problem water. It hits me on the head in heavy drops, and collects in my fur. No feline is a happy feline with wet fur. It clings to the body, and my wonderful perfumed fur begins to smell. And now the question is will it rain or not. According to my whiskers there is a certain humidity in the air, but my paws tell me that the humidity will pass and I will be safe. I think everything will be ok for a short excursion into the unknown. My whiskers are now beginning to curl and curling whiskers are a sure sign that the  it will not rain.

Now it is time to go, I will depart one paw after the other. No, just a moment. I cannot even depend on my whiskers, I distintly felt a drop of rain on my head. I think I will stay at home and postpone my journey until later. There might even be sunshine. I will watch the wall, the wall always knows how the weather is. If the wall is wet it will rain – yes feline logic is always the best.

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Dash