Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Plucking


“Going  for a walk Tabby?”

“Yes, I am on a mission.”

“A mission? It must be very important.”

“Everything I do is important Mrs. Human. I have to rescue the wall next door.”

“But it is not broken and it is still standing.”

“That is not the point, it is slowly being suffocated. The builders arrived and have covered it with thick white material. Can you not hear the wall shouting for help Mrs. Human.”

“Sorry Tabby, not really.”

“That is because humans have no feelings for walls. The wall next door and I spent so many happy moments looking at each other, and now the wall is hidden from sight. I can no longer penetrate the depths of the wall, The wall can no longer breathe, it will die.”

“Tabby, walls never lived so they cannot die.”

“But the walls know so many secrets that have been constantly whispered to them over the years. Everyone knows that the walls have ears, even humans say it.”

“That is only figuratively speaking Tabby”

“That may be in human understanding, but walls are very fluent in meow.”

“But I have never heard you speaking to a wall”

“Of course not, you would have to be able to apply telepathy and humans being an inferior race, have not yet learned the ways. In the meanwhile what are we going to do to rescue the wall.”

“Tabby I would forget the wall, it will still be there tomorrow.”

“Yes, but gasping for breath. Perhaps you could pluck it a little and apply wall massage.”

“No Tabby, I will not try to resuscitate a wall. What would the neighbours say if they saw me trying to rescue a wall by breating into it and applying wall massage. In any case I have better things to do.”

“Such as?”

“Open a tin of tuna fish.”

“OK, in that case we will re-examine the wall problem tomorrow.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Plucking

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Plucking

  1. Tabby would see the wall as a living thing and of course it probably has heard numerous secrets over the years. I agree with Mrs. Human that it will survive this minor inconvenience of a wrap and will not suffocate. LOL!

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    • Dusty
      Tabby says that fences are fences and walls are walls. Felines are kind to walls, and canines respect fences. It is only felines that can watch walls and absorb the effects of the transcendentail meditative wave lengths that occur. I don’t understand it either Dusty, but when Tabby sets her mind of the analysation of a wall, there is no stopping her.
      Mrs. Human

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  2. This is so funny! I have caught my cats staring at walls on many occasions. Now, thanks to Tabby’s wisdom, I see that my inferiority as a human causes me to not be able to hear their deep telepathic discussions. Wonderful post! I will definitely be following these cats!

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