Daily Feline Prompt: Untethered Feline

This me showing how to enjoy a fresh bowl of water: always with a paw and notice I am not tethered. No-one tethers Tabby. I go where I want to without any restrictions, although I notice Mrs. Human tends to get a little excited if I am distracted by a mouse, or a bird – even a wall. How you can forget the time when watching a wall.

Tabby and Fluffy

My apprentice Fluffy, who left us for the eternal corn chambers two years ago, was always tethered. He had an expandable lead attached to his collar and the humans would hang it on a post outside. Fluffy was blind although Fluffy insisted he did not know what that was, so what’s the problem. I also did not know what the fuss was. When it was tuna fish for all, he always found his food bowl, and he knew where the recycling tray was.

But you know what humans are like. Mrs. Human would get all excited when Fluffy disappeared on his own and organised a search party with Mr. Human to find him. I don’t know what the fuss was about, he always arrived home again, or Mrs. Swiss would carry him home. She found it was dangerous when he crossed the road, and he only wanted to get to the other side.

Daily Feline Prompt: Untethered Feline