Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Quills


“Tabby you have that look in your eyes as if you want something from me.”

“I had a idea Mrs. Human.”

“But this time I hope it has nothing to do with tuna fisb or diamond studied cat flaps.”

“No not at all Mrs. Human, although they are still on my feline bucket list.”

“You have a bucket list?”

“Of course, all felines have a bucket list, although my bucket list is shrinking. The first item was dealt with some time ago.”

“That must have bee important if it was the first.”

“Obtain your own human slave. The moment I saw you Mrs. Human, I decided you would be the right material for cleaning cat recycling trays and serving tuna fish. At the human slave market they said you would be a good acquirement, but forgot to mention the hard vitamin pellet addiction.”

“But they are good for you Tabby.”

“Exactly, they forgot to mention that as well. I have learned to make the most of things.”

“So what is the new item on your bucket list Tabby.”

“I was thinking you could perhaps get a bird cage, they are quite reasonable online according to my pawpad. just big enough for a sparrow or perhaps a finch. We don’t want to overdo it Mrs. Human.”

“I don’t get it, why a bird cage?”

“I was only thinking of you dragging all those tins of tuna fish from the store. You could catch a few birds, we could keep them in the cage and fatten them up. I even heard that they like to peck on vitain pellets.”

“No Tabby, definitely not. I am not organising your meals on wings. The poor little birds sitting in a cage waiting to be served for your dinner.”

“Mrs. Human, you often cook a chicken in the oven.”

“That is something completely different Tabby. They are dead when I buy them and I do not breed them myself.”

“You see, humans do not treasure the advantages of fresh bird meat. You could organise a chicken coop in the garden, then you would always have fresh meat and I am sure there would be some to spare for a hungry feline.”

“Forget it, I am not spending my time removing the quills from a chicken to supply fresh chicken for my meal. I prefer my chickens to be anonymous.”

“Mrs. Human, I can always trade you in at the human slave market for a new human. On the other paw, human training takes time. I will settle for a bird cage I think.”

“No way, and I have just discovered you can get chicken flavoured vitamin pellets. That would be a good idea. Tabby, are you listening? Stop trying to topple the bird feeder.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Quills