Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Jangle

Tabby 07.07.2017

“Tabby, what is that noise?”

“What noise Mrs. Human, I never make noises, unless I feel insulted by another feline. I can then howl, growl, scream or get quite hysterical. At the moment I am quite calm.”

“Yes, but a sort of rustling sound. What have you got on your fur?”

“Oh that, no problem. It is wall emission.”

“Wall emmission.”

“Yes I noticed we had a new wall in the area, completely white. All the walls are now white and quite fluffy. If you ¬†happen to touch them you get wall emmisisons.”

“That is the new cladding material on our walls for insulation against rain and cold.”

“You see, that is fake news. I decided to get friendly with the new wall and rubbed my fur on the wall. I think the wall liked me, he covered me with his new coat. Now I am half a wall Mrs. Human.”

“Tabby, you are not half a wall, you have become a very messy feline.”

“No problem, I will shake it off, and what is not removed, I will afterwards lick away.”

“No way Tabby, I do not want our appartment full of white crumbs from the cladding material. Come here.”

“Mrs. Human what are you doing with that anti fur weapon in your hand.”

“It is not an anti fur weapon but a steel brush to clean your coat.”

“No thanks, that is too much like vet torture.”

“Ok Tabby, I give you a choice. either I put you in the bath and give you a shower with water that streams down from above, or you get a quick brush.”

“Do I have a choice, like water coming from below? I prefer water on the ground, it tastes better.”

“Forget it Tabby, and do me a favour and have no more intensive discussions with walls that have a new white surface. They are not friendly walls and only want to infect you with the dreaded cladding-pox.”

“Is that bad?”

“You tell me after I have given you a thorough brush down.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Jangle”