Daily Feline Prompt: Savage Feline


Who me? Savage? Tuna Fish wouldn’t melt in my mouth. I am the sweetest feline you could meet, although certain rules must be followed to maintain my sweetness.

Always keep a free place or two or three, penaps even four, for me to rest my body. These places must be soft, warm and a human should be constntly near for any special needs I might have, such as a tummy tickle or a soothing slight scratching motion behind the ear. I particularly love to be tickled on the chin.

There should always be food available. There Mrs. Human, my personal slave, and I often have various opinions. I am more for the pieces of fish floating in a wonderful juice – that is the ambrosia of a feline life. Now Mrs Human once read a book about looking after felines. How stupid can you get, this book was written by a human for humans, so it is all fake news. How can they ever think that machine made pellets with added fish aroma can replace the real thing. The human species is even convinced that this food leads to healthy felines. We are basically healthy, just perhap a tick or a flea here and there, but no big problems. They also die eventually. The vet always de-worms me when I pay a visit, which is an insult to my intelligence. Worms? No way, I am convinced although those vitamin pellets??? – you never know. So as long as there is tuna fish, why worry.

Make sure you living situation has walls. They are good for protection, protect your territory and remember – you are never alone with a wall.

Water should always be available. Humans make the mistake of refreshing it constantly. Water is like wine, the older it gets, the more it matures and often has interesting ingredients.

And now I must go, my human slave is manipulating the tin opener – she has opposable thumbs. We felines decided to let them keep the opposable thumbs. It gives them a feeling of being needed in their primitive lives.

Daily Feline Prompt: Savage Feline

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Savage Feline

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  2. Dear Tabby, I’ve been sending telepathic messages to my human regarding the tins of tuna you so kindly sent us last week. I believe she is getting the message and I will let you know later. Yours gratefully and forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      When your human gets the message, which they do eventually. Human brains are often slow in gripping the facts. Tell her to use her little plastic card, I accept all, even American Express $5 a tin, and that is very reasonable. It covers the Fedex delivery. She will receive the bill for import tax in due course. She should pay it into my account: Tabby Exports (Tuna) Inc.
      Tabby T. Cat, President Tabby Exports (Tuna) Inc.


    • See what the savages did to .Hamburg whilst the town hosted the G20 Conference. They set fire to cars, looted shops, attacked the police whilst the big shots stayed in five star hotels, had their conferences (which were a waste of time) and stuffed themselves full at their business banquets, so who are the savages? It will take a lot of money and time to repair the damage done to Hamburg and all in the name of progress?


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