Daily Feline Prompt: Burying Felines


“Tabby take you paws out of that dirt.”

“What dirt?”

“The dirt left by the builders.”

“How else am I suppose to reach my home?”

“You can step over the tile construction.”

“They took my tiles away, remember. All I have now is a metal grid.”

“Then walk across the grid.”

“Forget it, my paws are not grid friendly.”

“You can walk to the other side of your home and go through the garden.”

“And waste 3 minutes of my precious time to get there? The easiest way for a feline is always the direct approach which means crossing the ditch.”

“Which is filled with dirt. You could have an accident. If you put a paw in the wrong place it could cause a landslide and you would be buried.”

“Mrs. Human I am feline and we have 9 lives, although I believe 4 have already been used by me. Under your watchful eyes what could possibly happen? If I get buried by dirt, which is not the case, you can dig me out again, that’s what humans are for.”

“Tabby, I have better things to do with my time than digging you out of places you should not go to.”

“That is true Mrs. Human. You should be preparing my bowl of tuna fish, which is
a far, far better thing to do, than you have ever done; it is a far, far better bowl of food that I go to than I have ever known.”

“That sounds familiar Tabby, been reading again?”

“Yes “A Tale of Two Tabbys” it is quite interesting, although silly. One Tabby sacrifices itself for the other, because they both have the Macdonalds “M” on their forehead and no-one notices the difference. Tabbys never sacrifice themself for anything, except for a bowl of tuna fish.  A famous work of feline literature by Charles Tabby Dickens-Paws. Have you ever read it?”

“No Tabby, but it reminds me of a human book which was quite a success.”

“But ours was first, the human book is just a primitive copy.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Burying Felines