Daily Feline Prompt: Feline bumbling


“Mrs. Human, I have a problem.”

“What’s wrong Tabby?”

“Life if not so easy for a feline that was one worshipped as a god. Humans should really show more respect , after all they are our slaves.”

“But Tabby, you have everything you could wish for: always fresh water, a bowl of food, even a wall to talk to.”

“But what about my private path to my home. my own territorial way for spreading the lotus blossoms that grow where I walk. The builders have demolished it and I am either forced to wade in dirt and grit, or jump across the metal grid as that is not paw friendly to walk on. We spoke about this yesterday, and nothing happens. I am still not treated wih the respect I deserve.”

“Of course you are Tabby, I spoke to the builder today and he has now constructed a special entrance to fit your paws.


He also said that they will soon build a new entrance as it no longer fits the cladding and make it smaller.”

“This is only yellow foam, nothing suitable for my wonderful paws. I do not ¬†want it smaller, perhaps larger ”

“I am not sure if that is planned Tabby.”

“Where is the builder?”

“He has now finished work for today and gone home.”

“And only done the half job. What about the fur cladded platform and a sign showing “Private, Entrance reserved only for Tabby”.”

“I am not sure if a private entrance is planned for you Tabby. He said that this is only temporary and tomorrow they will begin to reconstruct the platform as it is too big.”

“You must call me when the buiders arrive, so that I can give them my exact instructions for a feline friendly entrance.”

“Of course Tabby, according to your wishes..”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline bumbling