Daily Feline Prompt: Tailored Feline

Unknown Cat 13.07 (1)

“Look Mrs. Human, that is the future me.”

“The future you?”

“Yes, I have decided to have my fur restyled.”

“You mean you want to visit the vet voluntarily?”

“Of course not, vets only trim you, but I want a complete makeover. I quite liked this model. I saw it in “Feline Bazaar”. It is the new look.”

“It doesn’t look very much different to the look you have now.”

“Look closer. The ears have been styled, and the stripes on the legs are out of this feline world.”

“This looks more like a complete renovation. you will have to visit the plastic surgery vet.”

“They make them out of plastic today?”

“No Tabby, but to have such a complete makeover you will have to have an operation.”

“Operation sounds like jabs and scissors and even knives.”

“You won’t notice anything, the plast vetinary surgeon will put you to sleep.”

“I thought the plastic whatever could do it all with a little wash and brush up. As long as he leaves my Macdonalds “M” on my forehead I don’t mind. On my Pawpad it says 24 hour service, so I will be home for lunch.”

“But how will I know it is you when you have so many alterations done. Most felines look the same in any case.”

“We do not look the same Mrs. Human. We all have our own individual smell like humans.”

“Tabby I do not smell.”

“Of course you smell. All humans have their individual smell. How else would I find my way home, all cat flaps look the same. In any case, what about my makeover. There is a special offer at the moment and they accept all credit cards.”

“No Tabby, I prefer you as you are.”

“Ok, then perhaps just a little manicure on my claws.”

“You can sharpen them on the tree outside.

“I prefer the table leg, the wood is more to my taste, I believe it is solid oak.”

“No, Tabby- Oh too late, another scratch in the table.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Tailored Feline