Daily Feline Prompt: Being Meowy


“Where have you been laying Tabby, your fur is full of building material.”

“Everything here is full of building material. Even my water bowl has to be refilled at least 10 times a day, because it is full of building material. My whiskers are full of building material, my paws and not to mention the layer on my food bowl. The world is against me, I will kill the buiders next week when they return. Where have they gone?”

“They do not work at the week-end.”

“Sounds like a cushy job.”

“Almost all humans do not work at the week-end, they can then take it easy and do what they want to do.”

“And what about me?”

“You are not a human, so you work at the week-end I suppose.”

“I was not thinking of my relaxing time. I work hard every day. Do you think it is easy to search for a new sleeping place at least twice a day. It wears you down, makes you tired, you can no longer concentrate. And the continuous washing I have to do after every meal: behind the ears, each whisker separately, not to mention a claw manicure, scraping each one individually with my teeth. Yes life can be so tiresome. You humans have it easy with your week-ends. Do you have week-ends as well Mrs. Human?”

“I cannot afford to have week-ends Tabby, I have to take care of your needs.”

“Quite right Mrs. Human, it is your purpose in life to ensure that I do not suffer through negligence. Perhaps you could organise your life according to my routine. I notice you are absent during the night, when I might need you.”

“I also have to sleep sometimes Tabby and we humans generally sleep during the night.”

Most inconvenient for me. The next I will hear is that you want a week-end as well.”

“On no Tabby, I would not dare to take two days off. You might need a tin of tuna fish being opened, or perhaps your recycling tray emptied.”

“Very good Mrs. Human, you are learning. Weeks-ends are not good for the human race, they tend to forget their responsibilities and get lazy.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Being Meowy

11 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Being Meowy

    • Meow Dusty
      That is exactly what Mrs. Human said. She is of the opinion that for us felines every day is a week-end. She doesn’t realise the stress it is being a feline. We have to think for the humans as well in case they forget us.
      Tabby T. Cat

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      • My human never forgets me. I meant to tell you that I had an adventure last night with another canine who looked a lot like my nemesis, Joan, but he wasn’t Joan. He came out of an alley while we were walking and charged right at us, barking angrily telling us to get out of his world or else. I answered right away, “I don’t want your stupid world. Leave my human alone!” My “little” sister, Bear, just started at him which is not wise. Our human turned us away from the evil canine as a way to show her contempt for his bark just as I had instructed her too. I could tell her heart was beating very fast. I continued my warning and he finally turned back and went to his territory. I know I scared him away from my human and kept her safe because she said, “Dusty, good boy. You did good.” Yrs always, DTD

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        • You protect your human from other dogs? I have a different tactic. If a feline bigger than me (which is not difficult) appears and makes threatening gestures with hissing noises, growls and claws that are twice as long as mine, ready for a fight, I disappear through my cat flap and leave Mrs. Human to deal with the problem. No good having us both getting involved in a fight.
          Tabby the brave

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