Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Savours


Mr. Human has just sprayed the garden and I am ready to savour the rewards. The water is dripping everywhere and puddles are forming, a delicacy for a feline of course. Water is not just water, it must be savoured. When Mr. Human is finished I wait for him to leave and then I examine carefully the places where the water has collected.

Now there is water everywhere, but there are good water sources and not so good. I particularly treasure the water that has collcted in the larger leaves. It forms small tongue sized puddles, ideal for a slurp and swallow. I would compare it to a chateau-neuf-du-chatte. It melts on your tongue and is absorbed in every atom of the body.

As Sigmund Paws Freud said “The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water”. Of course my mind is not like an iceberg, because it flows with the water, analysing every drop into its various benefits for each of my nine lives. The best water comes from below, that is a proven fact. Water than falls from above makes the fur wet, that is not good water. Having wet fur is an unpleasant effect of water for felines and the fur begins to smell. The water that is below is the water containing the flavours that every feline treasures. Some drops have an earthy taste, they are the fully matured remains of the water that has developed its aroma over hours, perhaps days. It is to be only sampled in mouthfulls and not swallowed in gulps. It could go to you head. That would be a crime against the feline water.

We felines taste with care to savour the essence. And now I must go, I have just noticed a new puddle amongst the stones, I can savour the smell from here. I will save the water in the leaf, the best, until later.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Savours

3 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Savours

  1. Hi Tabby, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog here. I have only recently discovered all the great varieties of water. I personally prefer the puddles left on gravel by the rain. That water is delicious, thirst quenching and free-roaming water, not confined to sinks and hoses. I’ve also found that the water in my outdoors water bowl is quite good. My brother/father, Dusty T. Dog, will only drink the water from our water dish in the house. I have told him he’s missing out, but he’s a very nervous canine and is afraid of everything that isn’t given to him by our human. I’m glad to know that felines and canines both savor the varieties of water in the wild. Your friend, PBY T. Dog

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    • Meow Polar Bear Yeti
      It is so good to meet a water connosseur like yourself. Humans will never understand the flavours to be found in natural water sources. Their taste buds are quite primitive in that respect. There is nothing more full of flavour and spice than the water that has collected after the rain, as you bark. Those that drinking from bowls and taps do not realised what they are missing. Natural water has a life of its own which is the part that Mrs. Human does not like. She finds “it is not good for you”, but she has a somewhat misguided taste in that respect. “Good For Your” is not a taste variety, but earthy or even spiced with the scent of wild life is what is good for us. May the natural taste of water live on.
      Tabby T. Cat

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