Daily Feline Prompt: Edible for Felines


“Tabby where have you been?”

“Calm down, Mrs Human. I was outside admiring the view and playing with the little pieces of white dust that the builders have. It was moving in the wind and I was trying to catch as much as possile.”

“Tabby that is not good for you.”

“Of course not. Everything I like is not good for me. ┬áIt is only the unedible pieces of hard vitamine pellets that are good for me. At last I have discovered something that is fun, jumping and clapping my paws together to capture the white flakes, and now you tell me it is not good for me.”

“It is not something to play with Tabby and now your fur is full of it.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, a half an hour lick and the little white pieces disappear.”

“And where do they go?”

“I swallow them of course.”

“Tabby they are chemically made.”

“And so are the hard indigestible vitamin pellets, but you force me to eat them.”

“That is something completely different. The healthy vitamin pellets, that are good for you, are edible. The styrofoam particles are not edible.”

“Edible does not exist in meow Mrs. Human. The feline tries it and if it does not taste good, we ignore it. It is easy. Have you ever seen me eat a slug?”

“No, you just carry them around in your coat when they stick to you.”

“Do not change the subject Mrs. Human. One of our ancestors in the old country tried slug for lunch and found it did not taste good and so we felines eat no slugs. On the other paw if a butterfly is caught it will be devoured with relish, as a bird or mouse. It is all in the whiskers Mrs. Human, we felines know what is good for us.”

“Then why not eat healthy vitamin pellets.”

“They did not exists in the old country, and are not edible.”

“But I though “edible” does not exist in meow.”

“Correct I just deleted it from our meow dictionary.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Edible for Felines