Daily Prompt: Feline soil


“I have a problem Mrs. Human.”

“We all have our problems Tabby.”

“I mean a real feline related problem, not an unimportant human problem. How can I leave my home.”

“The normal way, through the window.”

“There is no normal way, they have taken it away. There used to be stones, to walk on and now there is a large gaping space with a paw unfriendly metal grid.”

“But it is only a short distance over the grid Tabby.”

“Would you like to walk over it bare foot?”

“Of course not, but we humans have shoes to protect our feet.”

“And we felines have only our paws and claws which are not grid friendly.”

“Tabby as an intelligent feline you will find a way I am sure. ¬†You can climb down into the ditch and climb up again, or even jump over the gitter.”

“Whilst you take a photo I suppose.”

“It would be a good subject for one of your blogs.”

“And everyone claps and throws a few likes to boost the statistics.”

“Of course Tabby, that is a good idea.”

“Forget it Mrs. Human, you cannot eat statistics. In the meanwhile I am expected to do a five minute detour to leave my home. None of the other felines have such an obstacle course.”

“You see Tabby, you have been honoured, because the humans that made this exit knew that you were agile and clever to overcome any difficulties.”

“Of course, at last fame, the bravest most clever feline here. So now we will conquer this obstacle.”


“Just pick me up and carry me to the other side, no problem.”


“Mrs. Human I am not only agile, but super intelligent.”

Daily Prompt: Feline soil