Daily Feline Prompt: Disastrous Feline


There are days when I am bored: no tuna fish to eat, and the hot sun beating down on my luxury fur where there is no zip to remove it. Not even the production of a hairball is of interest. I decide to take a walk, but there are strange humans patrolling my territory with heavy large boots, known as builders. They are the ones that removed my entrance and exit to my home and force me to make a detour to the other side, meaning I must walk further. They have no respect for my trails. The days have been forgotten when I was worshipped as a god.

However, when they are gone I apply my special tracing marks on the material they leave behind. I notice that the building material is very absorbent and the wonderful scent of my markings remains for a long while. When they are finished our building will bare my scent in all the materials used. My mum always said, not matter where you go, leave something behind to let them know you were there: wise words, although after her third litter arrived, she decided to stop leaving her scent everywhere, because things were getting out of paw.

I think I will take a rest on top of my cupboard where I have everything under control. Perhaps Mrs. Human will decide that my hours of starvation will end and she will open a tin of tuna fish. There is still a remainder of the dreaded hard vitamin pellets in my bowl, but I can see Roschti, the neighbour’s cat approaching and is heading for the pellets. He is not fussy what he eats. Yes he is sniffing and now nibbling. My way to the tuna fish is being paved. I can see Mrs. Human already on her way, but disaster strikes. She tells Roschti to disappear as he is eating Tabby’s food. Silly human, that was the idea. I think I will have another few hours sleep. Things might change when I awake, like a fresh bowl of tuna fish for me.

Daily Feline Prompt: Disastrous Feline

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Disastrous Feline

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  2. Our daughter’s cat is still with us Tabby. He will be staying with us for a while and it is very helpful to me to read your posts so I can better understand how things are in Meow. The only thing I am curious about is he seems to be able to fly. He can get up onto the mantelpiece which is quite high up and then he flies off it onto the couch! It amazes me.

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    • Meow. A natural feline talent, due to our understanding of the principles of quantum mechanics. This combined with our telepathic abilities and the possession of nine lives makes us perfect. And why walk when you cam fly?


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