Daily Feline Prompt: In search of the feline lollipop


“Where are you going Tabby.”

“I have a quest.”

“A quest?”

“Today is international lollipop day and I must find one. Do they grow on trees<‘”

“No Tabby, they are someting human.”

“They cannot be human if they are international. They must be available for felines as well.”

“No lollipops are food on a stick.”

“On a stick? But you cannot eat sticks.”

“You eat what is on the stick and lollipops are made from sugar. Felines do not eat sugar.”

“Does it taste better on a stick.”

“Our children like them, but you have to hold it in your paw.”

“I have an idea. You could put my vitamin pellets on a stick, one by one.”

“But you don’t like them.”

“They might taste different on a stick. It would be a new development for kitten food I am sure. The only problem would be the opposable thumbs which we do not have. Perhaps the humans could hold the stick and the kittens could nibble from the stick. It would be a revolution. Vitamin pellets on a stick: you could patent it in my name, Tabby vitamin pellets on a stick ¬†for happy kittens. It would be a sucess, we would be rich. Let us call them Pellipops.”

“And then even you would eat them Tabby.?”

“Me eat kitten food? No way. But perhaps we could develop tuna fish on a stick. That would be the next step. By the way when is international tuna fish day? Just asking.”

Daily Feline Prompt: In search of the feline lollipop