Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Dormancy


“Come on Tabby, wakey, wakey, rise and shine.”

“What is the emergency? Has war broken out between the felines and the canines? Oh I forgot we live in a permanent state of war so nothing new.

“It is time for your daily blog Tabby.”

“I know, no problem. Today I am doing it by telepathy.”

“That sounds interesting, how does that work?”

“You take the photo and write the words and I sleep.”

“But it is your blog, you have to do the work.”

“I am working on it Mrs. Human. I am pulling the whiskers from a distance. Take my photo with your opposable thumbs. I am have a dormant pose especially for the occasion.”

“But what about pawing a few words.”

“Sleep is sleep Mrs. Human, what more is there to say. Don’t forget to mention that my brain is active even whilst dormant. I register every single action taking place, although my eyes are closed.”

“Tabby where are you going, I though you were sleeping.”

“I am, this is called feline sleep walking. We felines invented it. Roschti the feline next door is waking from his dormant phase and is approaching my territory.”

“Where, I do not see anything outside.”

“Of course not, you are human and have limited brain reflexes. Look out of the window.”

“Yes, you are right he is approaching.”

“Of course, but he will return.”

“That is true he has turned and has disappeared through his cat flap.”

“Of course you just have to have things under control, and now let me sleep. I am now entering REM stage 5 of my dormancy.”

“I though there were only 4 stages of REM.”

“That is one of the differences between humans and felines. We have a few more. When I reach REM10 it means get the tuna fish ready.”


“Sleep makes hungry Mrs. Human. And close the door when you go, there is a draft from somewhere.”

Daily Prompt: Feline Dormancy