Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Harmonisation


“Where are you off to Tabby?”

“I am just taking a walk Mrs. Human, harmonising with the landscape.”

“And I thought that harmonise did not exist in Meow Tabby.”

“It depends on the way you look at it. Felines do not harmonise with other felines, that would be boring. I harmonise very well with myself, It is a matter of perspective. I even harmonise with my human now and again.”

“I hope so Tabby, but only now and again?”

“Feeding times offer the most harmonisation. I want to eat and you fill my bowl.”

“But harmony is a lot more Tabby. When we both have the same opinions and ideas.”

“Stop Mrs. Human. After taking another look at the Meow vocabulary I realised we eliminated the word harmony some years ago.”

“But you cannot just eliminate words.”

“Of course you can. The day when we felines were no longer worshipped as gods, it was when the harmony no longer existed.”

“I don’t qute get that.”

“It’s easy. Up to then we gave the orders, and the humans brought us rewards. The day when humans used their opposable thumbs to invent mouse traps, our purpose in the feline life was endangered. They no longer brought us offerings of food, we had to fend for ourselves.”

“I don’t notice a lot of fending for ourselves here.”

“We revised the meow vocabulary. Harmonsation means always be four paws ahead of your human slave and never forget – Felines first.”

“I have heard that one before.”

“I know, there are even humans that are copycats.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Harmonisation