Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Fragrance

Tabby 21.07.2017

“Mrs. Human my recycling tray should be emptied.”

“I know Tabby, I thought I would wait. Perhaps you want to use it again.”

“Of course I want to use it again, but you should clean it first of all.”

“I thought it would save time for me. Instead of emptying it and cleaning it twice, I would only have to do the work once.”

“You might have now discovered that there is feline litter with added deodorant, but that is not an excuse to save cleaning time. I notice you constantly fill your recycling tray/bowl with fresh water. I deserve the same treatment.”

“That is something completely different but to keep you happy I will empty your recycling tray. It is empty, you havn’t even used it.”

“Of course not, I decided to wait until you fill it with fresh litter.”

“But the litter in the tray is clean.”

“I know it is clean, but the smell of the deodorant in the litter is not so good if the litter has been left for a few hours. I like my litter box to have a fresh smell. And perhaps you could fill my bowl with fresh vitamine pellets.”

“I thought you did not like them.”

“Basically I don’t, but when they are freshly topped up they have a more inviting flavour.”

“But I cannot keep adding more vitamine pellets from the bag. You should eat the pellets already in the bowl.”

“That is not the same. The pellets at the bottom of the bowl are not as good as the pellets at the top of the bowl.”

“Is that feline logic?”

“Mrs. Human, logic does not exist in meow, the feline is always right. The rest is fake meow.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Fragrance