Daily Feline Prompt: Tea for a Feline


“Where have you been Tabby?”

“I was on a scientific excursion.”

“Scientific? That sounds interesting, but wipe your paws before entering, they are very muddy.”

“That has to do with the discoveries I made. I was on the search for the perfect water supply. It had been raining, so I examined a few different puddles. Water is not just water of course. I noticed the water laying on the south side of the meadow had a much more mellow taste than that on the north.”

“I did not realise that water tastes vary.”

“Of course they do, it depends on the flavours where the rain falls. If it is a storm the water is very strong, and goes to your head. That is when placing one paw in front of the other can be problematic. Roschti, the cat next door, even begins to sing some drinking songs if he drinks too much. No head for drink, I say. I prefer to take my water in small sips, not too much as once.”

“You mean that Roschti can get drunk on the water.”

“Some cats do have a problem, no control and just cannot stop. You should see him if he mixes it with catnip, then he is completely out of control. He doesn’t even come home, but stays out all night. The last time he was found sleeping in a pot of flowers. talking to a geranium: I think he is becoming a waterholic.”

“That sounds bad. I hope you have everything under control.”

“Of course Mrs. Human, I only drink water when I know where it comes from. Not just any water and take it in small measures. It is no good just gulping it down. That only encourages hairballs and not such nicely formed hairballs. Too much liquid is …….”

“OK Tabby, I get the message, no need to go into details. I hope the water in your bowl is to your taste.”

“Looks OK, probably a strong flavour of purification, but you cannot have everything. Even the most stupid feline, Donald Paws Trump once said “I’ll drink water. Sometimes with mud, which I like. Sometimes river water, which I like. I’ll drink different things. But the water from my favourite spring ┬áin the MacDonalds restaurant, boosts you up most of all.” But his ideas are so watered down, they make no sense in any case.”

“Would you like some tea Tabby for a change.”

“No thanks, that would go to my whiskers and they might change their colour or droop.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Tea for a Feline