Daily Feline Prompt: Hidden Feline


“There you are Tabby, I was looking for you everywhere.”

“And now you have found me, so you can stop looking.”

“Are you hiding beneath the leaves.”

“Feline do not hide, we just like to go into seclusion now and again to contemplate.”

“That is interesting, what are you contemplating?”

“I was actulally contemplating how to avoid silly discussions which tend to interfere with my daily routine, unless you wish to discuss today’s menu card.”

“Tabby there are other things to life than food.”

“That is a matter of how you look at life. I still have five lives left, so it could be a lengthy contemplation.”

“What happened to the first four lives.”

“You really do not want to know Mr. Human, and there are certain things that even a feline prefers not to discuss openly. There are secrets we prefer to keep hidden from others and only discuss by telepathy in our monthly meetings.”

“Monthly meetings?”

“Yes we felines have a monthly conference to compare how we lost the lives we lost to help to prevent further losses. It is our self help group, “Lost Lives Anonymous”. It is quite useful, but only for felines, although if you would like to join I could organise a motion. It is quite easy, when the meeting begins, the newest life losers appear and say “My name is ….. and I have lost a life” etc. etc. and then the meowing begins.”

“Thank you Tabby, but I do not think that is my sort of thing. We humans only have one life to lose.”

“Ah yes I fogot, we felines thought of everything from the beginning.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Hidden Feline

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