Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Toothbrush


“Time for a territorial inspection Mrs. Human, how do I look?”

“The same as always Tabby.”

“Do you think I should clean my teeth?”

“No, felines do not clean their teeth.”

“But humans are always cleaning their teeth.”

“But you have healthy vitamin pellets to eat Tabby, and they keep your teeth nice and clean.”

“You mean the ones that are good for me.”

“Yes Tabby.”

“If they are so good, why don’t you chew on them as well. If I had opposable thumbs I would defintely clean my teeth, but our breath always smells sweet and perfumed.”

“Not quite Tabby, but I don’t really get close enough to smell it.”

“I could give you a smell.”

“No Tabby, don’t bother, I am sure it smells as feline breath should smell.”

“Meaning full of the perfumes of nature.”

“Someting like that, although sometimes it gets a little too natural according to where you had the last lick.”

“The problem with humans is they are not agile enough. I can wash myself everywhere.”

“So can humans, but we need the help of a shower and not the tongue.”

“Another human imperfection.

You see, we can do it all by ourselves. That is the reason why we always smell so clean and fresh. Are you sure you don’t want a whiff of my perfume Mrs. Human, it is very exclusive.”

“I am sure it is Tabby, but keep it for yourself, otherwise it will not longer be so exclusive.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Toothbrush