Daily Feline Prompt: Foggy Feline


“Tabby, Tabby”

“You don’t have to shout Mrs. Human, my hearing is perfect.”

“You seemed to be in a deep sleep.”

“I am never in a deep sleep, especially when you have a human slave. She can be quite annoying sometimes. Deep sleeps are not a feline thing Mrs. Human. We must always be ready in case.”

“In case of what?”

“Just in case. My mum did not tell me why, and you do not ask.”

“But you must know why you should always be ready.”

“It seems the solution is that I should always be ready in case my human slave calls my name and wants to make sure that I can hear her. I hope it is something important Mrs. Human. Is it time to eat?”

“Not yet. I thought you might like to go for a walk, it is such nice weather.”

“It is ideal weather for sleeping in a shady place Mrs. Human, to relax in the fogs of my mind.”

“In that case I will leave you to get on with your sleep.”

“That is the most intelligent remark you have made today. Where are you going?”

“I think I will settle down in a comfortable place and read a book.”

“But it is such nice weather, why not go for a walk.”

“Because I would prefer to relax at home.”

“There you have it. You want to drive me out into the hot sun for an exhausting walk, where I might even be attacked by another feline or lose a life in a heat wave, ┬ábut you are staying at home and relaxing.”

“That’s not the same Tabby, I though some exercise would be good for you.”

“Mrs. Human “good for you” does not exist in Meow. I have a brilliant idea Mrs. Human, I will sleep and you will read your book. When I am ready I will give you a meow and you may serve my food. In the meanwhile do not disturb.”

“Of course Tabby.”

“Humans can be so complicated sometimes. It would have been such a peaceful afternoon had she not called my name.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Foggy Feline