Daily Feline Prompt: Partner for Tabby


“So, now I have my partner again.”

“Your have a partner Tabby? I thought felines did not do partners.”

“Of course we do Mrs Human, I have my chair again. My favourite place to relax in the later hours of the afternoon. Your overgrown kitten has now left and I can move into my rightful place for a relaxing sleep.”

“Tabby it is not your chair, it belongs to my “overgrown kitten” as you call him and this is his room. You can be thankful that he allows you to use the room when he is not here.”

“Wrong Mrs. Human, all rooms belong to me. Humans are only allowed to use them with my permission. Your overgrown kitten ignores my right of possession, but now I am here, it is all mine. I have spread my scent from my paws onto the cushion to remind him when he returns.”

“The problem being Tabby, that we humans do not have such a delicate sense of smell as felines, and the “overgrown kitten” will probably not even notice that you have decided to take possession of the chair.”

“But this chair is my partner, it accompanies me on my afternoon sleeps.”

“Perhaps you should find another place, outside in the garden. You can spread your delicate scent on the grass outside.”

“It’s not the same Mrs. Human. Outside is everyone’s territory and we must defend it with claw fights and hisses. Possessing a chair is much easier.”

“But my overgrown kitten will return in an hour.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, I will then make your bed my partner for a few hours Changing the surroundings is very healthy, it helps to spread my scent everywhere.  What are you doing Mrs. Human?”

“I am changing the linen on the bed.”

“You cannot do that, it will disturb my possessive scents.”

“Sorry Tabby, but even we inferior idiots called humans, like to have clean linen on the bed that doesn’t smell of feline or is full of cat fur.”

“But that is my trade mark.”

“And mine is freshly washed and ironed bed linen”

“Strange habits humans have.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Partner for Tabby

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Partner for Tabby

  1. Dear Tabby — I would NEVER even THINK of sleeping on my human’s sacred resting place in her sanctuary. I only enter her sanctuary when there is thunder because I know nothing bad will happen in a space that belongs so completely to my human. Even BEAR won’t sleep on our human’s bed. There is only ONE canine that ever sleeps in that place and that is Reina. You have never heard of Reina, but she was once in our pack. Then, one day, for no reason, she attacked and nearly killed Lily T. Wolf. Naturally, our human couldn’t keep both Lily T. Wolf and Reina T. Dog so Reina went to live with our friend, Adriano. But Reina still believes our human is her human and when she visits, she sleeps i our human’s room and will even get on our human’s bed. We understand how it must be for her to have to live with other humans because our human IS the best. I think one difference between canines and felines is that humans adore felines while canines adore humans. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Before I took over my human, with my sister Nera, Mrs. Human had prepared her so-called home (it was actually my home) thinking it would still belong to her after we moved in. Bedroom doors were closed. However we decided this was not the feline way of life, as we must have access to everything including sleeping places. We allowed Mrs. Human to cover her bed with a designer cover during the day to put her in a good mood and to think that she was still in charge. The cover is still there as it is very comfortable to sleep on. Seems like you have a few wise words there. Of course dogs adore humans, someone has to like them. We cats also adore them, especially for their opposable thumbs when opening tins.

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    • My overgrown kitten sees cats as something from anozher planet being an autist, and are removed from the room immediately, but gently. I think Tabby and the overgrown kitten are often on the same wavelength.

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