Daily Feline Prompt: Ambling Feline


“Hello Tabby, we have returned.”

“You went somewhere Mrs. Human?”

“We were away for two days.”

“Ah, that was why I was only getting vitamin pellets and no little treats in between.”

“But you were fed and had water.”

“Is that all that interests you? Just being fed is not the solution. There I was waiting for a treat, to hear the turning of the tin operner, having delights poured into my bowl, and your overgrown kitten was just ambling along and filling my bowl now and again.”

“But that was all it needed Tabby, that you were fed.”

“What about my wellness care.”

“Wellness care?”

“Yes,  the active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. Just throwing a few vitamin pellet is a bowl is not the idea. Where was the individual attention I need when you were not here. I was left to fend for myself.”

“But you were fed.”

“And the ambiance that I need? The atmosphere of well being, and constant attention. Just someoe that throws a few pellets in my bowl is not the care I deserve. Your overgrown kitten even left me now and again on my own without asking for permission.”

“Tabby you should really be more independent.”

“I am independent: I search for my own sleeping place and and produce my own hairballs. I even wash myself on my own. I have never asked you to give me a good lick.”

“Which I would not do in any case.”

“The only reason being, Mrs. Human, is that the human tongue is not capable.”

“But you survived Tabby, that is the main thing.”

“Of course I survived, even if I despaired before sleeping, worrying about my future. i was really depressed. What did you bring me?”

“That was difficult Tabby, you have everything.”

“The next time you go somewhere, you could perhaps check me in at a luxury cat hotel where I have attention 24 hours of the day.”

“You means just like at home.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Ambling Feline