Daily Feline Prompt: Spicy Feline


“Tabby what are your doing rolling on the floor.”

“It is feline relaxation therapy. You should try it Mrs. Human, you feel reborn afterwards. It squashes any foreign bodies that might be in my fur.”

“No thankyou Tabby, I do not have any foreign bodies in my fur.”

“That’s because you do not have fur. You don’t know what you are missing. There is nothing better than a roll on the ground, refreshing the feline circulation and ┬árenewing the whisker environment. Now and again I have a scratch just to make sure that there is nothing left.”

“You have fleas Tabby?”

“Of course I don’t have fleas, although they have tried to move in, but I am quicker than they are: a bite in the right place and they hop away as soon as they arrive.”

“Glad to hear it Tabby, otherwise I would have to fit you with a flea collar.”

“Not necessary Mrs. Human, although I was looking through the catalogue for the perfect feline and discovered that you can order a diamond studied collar for felines. They have a special offer at the moment, two for the price of one.”

“No, Tabby, your nice collar with the fishbone design suits you fine. It is soft plastic and lightweight. Diamonds would not be so suitable, they would be heavy to wear around your neck.”

“My neck is made for diamonds and they would boost my status amongst the other felines. Walking around with a fishbone design ┬áis not exactly the non plus ultra for a feline that was once worshipped as a god.”

“No Tabby, you should be satisfied with what you have.”

“Oh, I am always satisfied Mrs. Human, a fishbone design on a collar is really something special, all the felines here have one. Perhaps you could use your imagination more when you get me a new collar, at least engraved with my name in gold letters.”

“I will see what I can do Tabby, in the meanwhile your fishbone design will do.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Spicy Feline