Daily Feline Prompt: Glaring feline


“What are you glaring at Tabby.”

“There is something apaw up there. I have to keep my eyes on things, you never know if the sky might fall and hit me.”

“Sorry, Tabby, that one has already be done before by Chicken Licken.”

“Forget it Mrs. Human, that was a story from the old days, and it was not the fox that won, but the felines. Chicken-Licken was an idiot, it was only an acorn that fell on her head and the last animal she asked was a feline. When we felines think the sky might be fall on us, then the the reason has a solid foundation.”

“Tabby, the sky cannot fall, it is not possible.”

“Of course it is possible. You can see it happening when water falls.”

“That is rain.”

“I know it is rain, but it falls downwards, to be avoided at all times. Where do you think you are going Mrs. Human?”

“Outside, I want to take some photos of my garden.”

“No, don’t do that, you could be injured, by the falling sky.”

“Tabby, I am older than you and have never had an accident caused by falling sky.”

“There is always a first time. Look, there is movement above and I can hear noise.”

“That is the builders doing their work.”

“But they might drop something. It is not safe, but do not worry Mrs. Human I will protect you and keep my eyes on things.”

“That is very kind of you Tabby to care for me.”

“Forget it. If the sky falls on you and you are injured, you cannot open the tin for my tuna fish this evening, or empty my recycling tray, so keep out of harm’s way Mrs. Human. ”

“Oh, I see, you are only thinking of yourself.”

“Of course, what else should I think of?”

Daily Feline Prompt: Glaring feline