Daily Feline Prompt: The Organised Feline


“Tabby, stop pawing at that window, you are making marks on the glass.”

“Mrs. Human, does it occur to you that there is a reason behind my exertions of pawing constantly at the window. Perhaps I am trying to tell you someething, a lfe’s message of importance.”

“All I can see are paw marks on my nice clean windows.”

“Perhaps if you would open the window and let me out, I might stop trying to attact your attention.”

“Oh, I see, you want to go out. Why didn’t you tell me.”

“Because when I called you for your immediate attention you were not in this room, and not concentrating on my needs. Now perhaps if you would open the window I would not need to make marks on your nice clean windows. Unfortunately I do not have opposable thumbs, otherwise I would open the window myself. Perhaps you could fit a cat entrance into this window.”

“Tabby you have a cat flap already.”

“But that is on the other side of my home and I would have to walk along the corridor to reach it. It is all a matter of organisation. If you fitted an entrance on this side of my home I would not have to scratch the window to attract your attention.”

“And if you could be bothered to walk a few pawsteps to the other side of the home, you could go out without waiting for me to open the window.”

“Mrs. Human we felines do not organise, humans organise. We just give the commands. A human that does not obey commands might find herself out of work.”

“Your mean you would replace me?”

“There is always a possiblity.”

“I was thinking of taking a week’s holiday in any case, and visiting my overgrown kitten. The neighour will look after you.”

“Do what! no way, I am not waiting for a neighbour to fill up my bowl with food. I want my bowl constantly under observation. That will not work Mrs. Human.”

“But I thought you were going to sack me in any case.”

“I changed my mind.”

“Where are you going?”

“I decided a change of air would do me good, so I will make my exit through the cat flap on the other side of my home.”

“But I have now opened the window so that you can go out.”

“Leave it open, I might return by that window. It depends on how I feel about my organisation.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Organised Feline