Daily Feline Prompt: Prickly Feline


This is my secret weapon, can you see it? it usually remains hidden somewhere in the depths until I need it. Of course it is all precision engineering to get the surprise effect. It begins with a few “getting to know you” hisses and if neither of us decide to disappear behind a cat flap, we have to go into action. I am ┬ábasically a pacifist, prefer to settle any territorial arguments by disappearing. It is the safest way, and avoids complications afterwards, such as a vet visit. Why suffer unnecessary injuries? We felines are peaceful creatures, innocence in person.

However, now and again there is a bad whisker amongst us. One of those felines that is looking for trouble. As said the best method of defence is to run away, but sometimes this cannot be avoided. It is then that my wonder claw appears. The opponent is taken by surprise. This claw is unexpected. It arrives from nowhere and the opponent either disappears immediately, or stays because he also has a secret claw in the same place. It is then that things can get complicated, and no feline wants a complicated factor in an argument. If you are lucky your human will arrive and ensure that the attacker disappears. If you are unlucky then you hope you are faster than the opponent and reach your cat entrance before he has a chance to attack.

I always avoid final show downs, they can be very unpleasant, combined with screams and flashes of anger. And now I must go, it is time to sharpen my secret claw, it should be ready at all times – you never know.

Daily Feline Prompt: Prickly Feline