Daily Feline Prompt: Grainy Feline


Mrs. Human said I must be quick today, because she has to go to the hairdresser. What does that have to do with being quick? I must first of all compose my masterpiece about grainy. What does she know about walking through sandy areas and having grains of sand wedged between the claws. It needs a very special manicure. I have to examine every claw carefully and rid it of irritations and that takes time. That is why I prefer walking on earth or even nice flat ground. Some time ago Mrs. Human had her front garden refurbished with large stones and pebbles in between.

I was quite happy about the large stones as when it rained the water would collect and it was a welcome drink in between. However, she did not ask my permision to fill up the spaces with small stones. These are not so pleasant for walking purposes and were more than grainy. Do not forget, my size in proportion to these stones causes them to be something like the Rocky Mountains and we felines do not wear shoes.

“OK Mrs. Human, I can hear you, you want to go to the hairdresser” and now she is getting all iffy and impatient. I think it is better to take a nice comfortable sleep for the next few hours when she returns looking like a sphinx cat, not quite, but with shorter fur than usual.

Daily Feline Prompt: Grainy Feline