Daily Feline Prompt: Unfurled feline

Tabby 03.07 (1)

“Please do not disturb Mrs. Human, I am unfurling.”

“You are what?”

“Unfurling. It is a feline necessity, especially in the summer months. An unfurled feline is a feline with no destiny. We must wait to be unfurled in the summer months.”

“Souds very complicated.”

“It is, a question of geometric positioning of the whiskers, together with a pawed placement of the claws to ensure that the unfurled process takes its course. Of course a big help is the feline diet. A correct unfurlement can only take place with a dish of tuna fish.”

“Why tuna fish?”

“Mrs. Human it contains the necessaary vitamins for the correct placement of the physcial unfurlment. Imagine discovering a sleeping place without being unfurled. It would be one of the greatest disappointments in a feline life.”

“Oh really, I don’t know Tabby, Humans do not unfurl.”

“You see another reason why the human creature is not as well developed as the feline. You might have opposable thumbs, but what is the point when you cannot unfurl. Try eating more tuna fish, it does wonders Mrs. Human.”

“You really think so.”

“Of course, we could perhaps indulge in a bowl together, although if you don’t mine you can empty the juice into my bowl. You do not like it so much. We felines prefer our tuna fish pure and not shaken, humans tend to mix it with strange ingredients. Perhaps that is why they do not unfurl so well as we felines.”

“Yes definitely Tabby, and now I have yet learned another valuable information in the life of a feline.”

“Indeed Mrs. Human, as the great feline writer Hans Christen Pawsen said “Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little tuna fish”.”

“Tuna Fish? I thought he said “flower”.

“Mrs. Human that was the human copy, the original was in meow.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Unfurled Feline