Daily Feline Prompt: The Solitary Feline


Of course I am on my own. I do not have to share with anyone, it is all mine as far as the eye reaches. One of the advantages in being short sighted. I do not see what is in front of my nose, but I can see and smell the delights of a living mouse on the other side of my territory. Mrs. Human as been trained to care for my needs, so why bother when she does it all.

I watched one of the other felines trying to catch a bird. He was exhausted after a while and gave up. It was his own fault, why bother when someone can do it for you. Mrs. Human is always ready with a tin opener. Admittedly the human supermarkets only sell chickens and not sparrows, but you cannot have everything. I trained Mrs. Human to compensate with supplies of tuna fish. She has opposable thumbs, so should use them for a purpose. Of course she is devloted to me, reads my wishes from my whiskers, so what could be better.

I need no other felines. It is not in our nature to hang around together having lively meows about the availability of fresh meat, or discusions about hard vitamin pellets which are not worth discussing. Actually it is the only thing we agree upon, that they should be abolished as being a waste of chomping time: why chew when it is easier to swallow.

Have you ever thought about the solitary vets in this world. They have no feline friends and are ignored. One of the few things we felines have in common is our joint hatred of the vet. Otherwise we love any human that feeds us with the right food, pats us, gives us tummy tickles and generally does not leave us with a feeling of being unnecessary. Humans need us for their meaning to life. There are things that another feline cannot do for you. You cannot argue with yourself, or have a claw fight. The solitary feline is the happiest feline.

Daily Feline Prompt: The Solitary Feline