Daily Feline Prompt: Reciting Feline


“Tabby you are so quiet.”

“Shhh Mrs. Human, I must concentrate.”


“Yes I am learning my lines to be able to maintain my fourth life. This evening is the great examination. I have to recite the first one thousand laws of the book of Bastet by memory.”

“That sounds very serious.”

“It is. You don’t get nine lives for nothing, you have to work for them.”

“But one thousand laws is a lot.”

“No problem, just listen: meow, meow, meow, meow”

“Just a moment Tabby, it is all meow.”

“Of course, but each meow has a different meaning. The first one hundred meows are very important, instructions on how to keep control over your human. The other meows are just extras, to make sure you maintain control over your human, and the last 100 meows are how to punish your human if she does not follow instructions.”

“And that is how you get your nine lives?”

“Of course, they are not a gift, you have to work for them. When I pass the test it means you can continue to follow my instructions for a further life.”

“And what about the feline?”

“What about the feline? We are so perfect, we always pass the test unless of course we have a new appointment.”

“A new appointment?”

“I only have the command over one human, but one day I may achieve the control of more humans.”

“You mean you would leave me Tabby.”

“No, you would have to make room for a second human. I was thinking that Mr. Human could do more for me, like cleaning my wall. My wall told me that it enjoys our conversations, but they would be so much more fun if it was washed now and again and polished.”

“Walls do not talk Tabby.”

“Of course not, it is all done by telepathy. And now do not disturb, I have the examintation in an hour.”

“Bastet will visit you personally?”

“Of course not, she has other felines to tend to. It will all be done by telepathy and paw marks.”

“Of course, how stupid of me not to know.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Reciting Feline