Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Lurch


“Lurching around in front of the window again Tabby?”

“I am not lurching, I am passing a message and being ignored as usual.”

“What is the message Tabby, I was busy.”

“I was using sign language to pass on a hint that I would like to go out.”

“But you can always leave our home, your cat flap is always open.”

“I was in the back room an the window was closed.”

“But the kitchen flap was open, as well as the window.”

“And you expect me to walk from one side of my home to the other, because you were too busy to open the window for me?”

“Tabby you have four legs and I only have two. I am sure you would be able to move quite quickly to the other side of the appartment. You are only wasting time scratching on a closed window.”

“Mrs. Human it is quite clear that the human body is a faulty design with only two legs, but you could try adding your arms for transport purposes to crawl and a speedy reaction to my needs. I had to wait until you even acknowledged my plea to go out.”

“If you had moved to the other side of the appartment, you would not have had to wait for me.”

“And if you had used your arms with your legs you would have been much faster. It is not my fault that you belong to the two legged species. And I am still waiting for the window to be opened.”

“What is so urgent to go outside.”

“I am still thinking about that. There are probably many urgent matters to deal with, but I have not yet decided which one.”

“And if I open the window it would help.”

“Definitely, because I could sit in front of an open window and have a choice.”

“A choice?”

“Whether I would go out or not. On the other paw, I might decide to include a few hours sleep and think about it. Be ready Mrs. Human. I will call you if I decide to go.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Lurch