Daily Feline Prompt: Oozing Feline


There is oozing and oozing. Here I am in a primary phase of ooze. Note my paws are relaxed and I have drifted into a state of third degree ooze. Even my whiskers are joining in the pleasure. Of course it all has to be practiced to achieve the perfect state of ooze. Preparations must be made but nothing that turning three circles before sinking to sleeping position No. 2 will cure. Here you can see I am already in an advanced ooze. I decided to progress to a transformed state of oblivion, using all the oozing possibilities available.

You are with me? Of course not. Humans have no idea of the precise engineering necessary to reach a complete state of transcendentail feline sleep. It is not just a matter of closing the eyes, but a shut down on all brain cells. It is a process only available to the feline nature. Note that the ears are excluded. A feline is always ready for unforeseen circumstances. There might be a dog approaching, although they tend to announce their arrival with a loud bark – no refinement is their character. An approaching feline contains more dangers. They do not announce their arrivsl “Hello, what about a hiss together?” No, they are sly with an uncalculated risk approach. For this reason one ear is always ready to hear them oozing along.

Are you paying attention kittens, this was the first rule of growing to be a cat. Tomorrow we will continue with the whisker awareness. And now we can all ooze back ito our sleeping condition, but with one ear open.

Daily Feline Prompt: Oozing Feline