Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Synchronisation


“Where do you think you are going Tabby?”

“Outside of course.”

“But there is a strong wind ¬†blowing.”

“No problem Mrs. Human. The wind has even removed the stupid plastic in front of the window for me to allow a free walk outside.”

“But it could begin to rain.”

“Now that is something completely different. If it rains my fur will get wet and I do not like wet fur. My paws will also be wet not to mention my whiskers. You think I should stay here.”

“Definitely Tabby, there is a strong wind blowing.”

“On the other paw, it is not yet raining. Perhaps it will remain dry and then I will miss the chance of going for a walk.”

“But if it begins to rain you will have to escape and return home. It is better you stay here.”

“You think so, but all the other felines will be disappointed if I stay at home.”

“I thought you do not mix with other felines, because of territorial problems.”

“But if it rains there are no problems because we all stay at home, although it is not yet raining. I will ask the wall outside what it thinks.”

“Tabby walls do not think.”

“Of course not, they synchronize their thoughts with me. I have decided to stay here, the wall has made a decision.”

“That was quick.”

“Not really. I noticed that the wall is now wet, so it must be raining, just a matter of synchronization.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Synchronization