Daily Prompt: Feline Inhabiting

Tabby 24.08 (3)

Just to get things straight, felines do not just inhabit, that would be a waste of purring time, we move in and take over. There is nothing as demoralising as moving into a space especially prepared for you. There are some humans that are of the opinion that a soft cushion in a corner and a bowl of food is all that it needs for a happy feline. Felines are never happy, it does not exist in meow, we always need that extra care and attention and we dictate the organisation.

A cushion? that I do not laugh in the meowing sense of the word of course. One cushion in each room is the minimum to expect and in higher places. We felines generally look down on everything else. A food bowl is naturally important, but positioned in a clean place on its own. We do not like to be watched when eating. Of course not any food bowl, there are various designs now available. I noticed on my pawpad there is a food bowl with Versace design now availble, I am now working on that. Mrs. Human finds it too expensive, so I am persuading her that nothing is too expensive for the feline that chose her as personal slave. She does not yet agree.

Of course I chose Mrs. Human from the various applications I received when I was searching for appropriate living quarters. My mum said choose carefully, and make sure your chosen human has tuna fish in the kitchen. This was the driving force behind my choice, but mum did not say you neeed a can opener and human with opposable thumbs to open the tins. She also forgot to say that some humans live by the motto “hard vitamin pellets are good for you”, I am still working on that one.

Otherwise I am basically satisifed. She moves out of my way when I need a clear path, I have my own private entrance and exit, although there are times when I wish for more attention in opening windows for other places.

As said, I do not inhabit, I own. It is cats first and don’t forget it.

Daily Prompt: Feline Inhabiting

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Feline Inhabiting

  1. Hi Tabby, Martha here, you are a very lucky (and rather spoiled!) feline. For a few years I had many cats, most of whom had come to live with me by their choice or brought in by the cats who already lived with me. They all got along with each other (some were even friends) and they all ate on the veranda outside, all at the same time and in sight of each other. Sometimes they shared their food with Vagrant and Fragrant, a raccoon and skunk who sometimes came by when they were hungry. Only a couple of the cats lived in the house — Catmandu, Klingon and Reggie. The rest came in and out as they pleased. Very often they brought us something to eat — a mouse, a lizard, a grasshopper — whatever they caught. They slept wherever they found a place. Triffid’s favorite place was under the bird of paradise plant and it was from there he went to the Eternal Corn Chambers when his time came. He was about 12 years old. I think you felines are actually pretty adaptable. You do not have to show this message to Mrs. Human if you feel it might threaten your very elegant arrangements. I just want you to remember how lucky you are. Your pal, Martha

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    • Meow Martha
      My mum was always having kittens, she was a wild one, so we had to take our fate in our own paws. Mrs Human was ideal because we were the first and the first are always the most important. I must admit that my litter sister pawed the way as she was the eldest by a few seconds, but she established the priorities and Mrs. Human followed. All the felines in our neighborhood have their own territories, so there is no fight for survival, just a fight for being .No. 1, We do not have so much livestock here, no lizards or skunks and anything bigger than myself is to be avoided.
      Tabby T. Cat

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