Daily Feline Prompt: Dignified Feline


“Tabby, could you perhaps just lift your front paws a little more.”

“Do what Mrs. Human?  My paws are comfortable in the position they have at the moment.”

“It is not a question of comfort, but of dignity. They are looking very awkward as they form a closed circle over your tummy.”

“Mrs. Human, have you ever seen yourself when you are sleeping after lunch.”

“Of course not.”

“Yes exactly, well I have when I accompany you on your after dinner sleep. Dignity does not exist. Your have your arms strentched out in all directions. Imagine the problems I have searching for a comfortable corner to rest my weary body on your  bed with arms and legs in undignified positions.”

“Then you can move and sleep on one of your many favourite places.”

“No, that does not suit me. After human dinner I prefer a human bed. I have more room. And now I am feeling very comfortable with support on my back from your flower box. At least the workmen have pity on me and have now placed a nice soft comfortable cloth on the ground, radiating warmth.”

“That is only temperary Tabby. It is there to protect the tiles if objects fall on them.”

“You mean I am laying in a danger zone. I could get injured by a falling brick or stone, or even be punctured by a screw or nail. Mrs. Human you could take more care of me.”

“It is not so dangerous Tabby and we now have the week-end so nothing will happen. With your connections to the wall I am sure the wall will warn and protect you if anything might happen.”

“Don’t be silly Mrs. Human, Walls do not hold conversations and they only protect themselves. They can be very selfish.”

“But you constantly stare at walls and you said it is all done by telepathy.”

“But only telepathic creatures can hold conversastions with walls Mrs. Human.”

“Oh, I see that explains it.”

“And now I will rest my head on my paws if that meets with your approval. We felines know how to sleep with dignity, unlike other inhabitants of this planet.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Diginified Feline