Daily Feline Prompt: Critical Feline


“Tabby, may I ask you something?”

“Of course, Mrs. Human, permission granted. It is always a good sign that you ask. It shows that my training programme for feline slaves has its good results.”

“OK Tabby, you do not have to overdo it. I was wondering why you always place your paw in the bowl of water when you are drinking.”

“That is a very technical question. You must note it is always the right front paw which is my most sensitive paw. Mrs. Human if you have a hot drink, you also make a test with the spoon before emptying the cup. You do not want to burn yourself if the drink is too hot.”

“Yes, but your water is not hot.”

“Of course not, we do not drink hot liquids in the human sense of the word. However, in the meow sense all liquids for feline intake must be constantly kept under control. It is not a question of heat, but a question of quality and my paw is my quality tester. As I drink the water you will notice that it is a careful operation with small sips. I place my paw in the bowl to ensure that no variations in temperature or quality occur whilst I am drinking.”

“But it is only water Tabby.”

“Only water! It is a question of fulfilment in a lapping sense of the word. Water is not just water, it is a combination of various factors. The aging process, the contents and whether it is a fresh harvest or not.”

“You make it sound like wine.”

“It is the wine of the felines. Every drop contains a world of varioius ingredients, all flavoured by natures own compositions. The paw, right paw, determines the consistency of its powers, defines its origins and also maintains the temperature. Perhaps you should try it when you drink your tea. Serve your tea in a bowl and insert your hand. You will find that an unknown world of flavours will develop.”

“I don’t think that will work with us humans Tabby. We are not as refined in taste as felines. For us water is only water and nothing more. Our taste buds are not as well developed as those of a feline.”

“Very good Mrs. Human, you are paying attention to my words of wisdom. Are you laughing?”

“Of course not Tabby, after all this is a serious matter and I have again learned something valuable. You now have a wet paw.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, all part of a feline life and my free advice.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Critical Feline