Daily Feline Prompt: Priceless Feline


“Tabby, I said laugh for the camera.”

“Laugh does not exist in meow, we felines are not equipped with facial muscles for laughing and on the other paw, I do not have stuff to laugh about.”

“I know a joke Tabby: They make cat food out of cow, fish, turkey, chicken & lamb meat—but not mouse meat, which is probably all cats want.”

“So I am still waiting for the punch line, the one that should send me into hysterics, if I had the ability. I can only hiss at that one. Oh, well I suppose it is a statement of fact. No-one has ever asked a feline what they want. It is not a very logical joke. The one about “Why did the cat cross the road” is much better.”

“Oh I don’t know that one.”

“That’s because it is an unfinished joke. The cat is still waiting for a gap in the traffic to reach the other side. It is all a question of observance and patience.”

“It doesn’t sound very funny.”

“It isn’t, especially if the cat crosses the road at the wrong moment.”

“That sounds very sad.”

“Not really, he still has 7 lives left, if it is the first time. That is probably why you don’t often see cats crossing the road.”

“Because it’s dangerous.”

“No, because the first 7 times it didn’t work and they want to save the last life until later.”

“That was black humour Tabby.”

“Yes, it even happens to black felines.”

“Tabby, you are priceless.”

“I know, it is a fact of feline life. I would smile if I had the muscles to do it with, that’s a feline life (at least one of them).

Daily Feline Prompt: Priceless Feline

12 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Priceless Feline

    • Of course I am priceless, I am unique. I don’t know what humour is, but I don’t think it is an important part of being a feline. Just meow and hiss at the right times and take care of the lives you have left. Never ask a feline when they are sleeping, you might interrupt one of their lives.

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  1. Dogs can grin at you. They learn it from people. I have never seen a cat grin, though. Maybe they don’t have the facial muscles? But they do make “love eyes” where they look at you and I swear you can see tears and passion in their small, furry faces. Maybe it’s all to get more tuna … but it could be love.

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    • I know the love eyes. It happens at least twice daily here. Then I get a feeling of guilt. The latest trick is in the morning when I clean her bowl of food and top it up with fresh pellets. These pellets have something called bait but are only active when fresh from the bag and so she knows that when the bowl is filled with fresh pellets it has a magical value. She now waits patiently whilst I prepare the bowl and looks at me with such a longing in her eyes. I am still cleaning the kitchen, so what do I do. I place the bowl within reach outside for her and she speeds off to eat. No, she is not starved, she just likes to eat the pellets when fresh from the bag. Love does not exist in meow.

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    • Bear smiles whenever she thinks she’s in trouble OR she wants to because she’s happy to see you OR to express submission. Molly smiled, too, when she was happy. She would smile spontaneously out of joy. Cats? The Cheshire Cat was Always smiling.

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  2. Dear Tabby, I have been seeing a feline on my walks lately. It is a tabby, like you, but yellow. She always watches us as if she wants to go on our walk with us. My human doesn’t let me go say hello or anything. I think that’s very mean of my human and I don’t understand it. Last night she said, “That’s a little tiger, Dusty.” I have no idea what that meant. My human said that it is a very wise feline because it just crouched down and watched us go by. I think she should have come to say something to us since she was not on a leash, but she didn’t. I sent her messages that said, “Hi!” but no response. What do you advise? Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I would advise to walk on the other side. Never trust a feline, especially the tiger sort. They are pretending to be your friend, but it is all a fake. They are watching your every step. Take my advice. I don’t even trust myself sometimes. Leash does not exist in meow. We prefer to go our own way and do not go on walks with humans.
      Tabby T. Cat

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