Daily Feline Prompt: Educating Feline

Tabby 03.09 (2)

Gather round kittens and listen to all my wise meows
There are things that you must learn, so take your books and browse
Find yourself a human who  will fulfil your wish
Avoid the vitamin pellets, and insist on tuna fish
Humans can be lazy, they think the pellets are fine
There only use is for hairballs, and not the way to dine
Remember to have a wash daily, especially behind the ears
For that you have your paws to wipe, no need to shed meow tears
Avoid the barking kind, they think they are the best
But felines are always first, tis the others that are a pest
Alway mark your place with a scratch and wipe of a paw
It ensures it belongs to you, and avoids a territory war
And now today’s lesson is finished, tomorrow you must return
I will teach you how to hiss and scratch, you have so much to learn

Daily Feline Prompt: Educating Feline