Daily Feline Prompt: Feline elevation

Tabby on her ladder

I like to sleep in high places, they elevate me to my rightful status in feline life, after all felines first. I can look down upon everything. What is more important the others have to look up to me. Unfortunately the construction of a human spoils the effect as they have to look down on me because they have two legs. However, I maintain my importance by ignoring them most of the time proving that four legs are better than two. It was then I decided to persuade Mrs Human to organise steps to enable me to reach the higher places of my meowdom.

The photo was just to make her happy. In the meanwhile I have discovered that a simple jump enables me to reach the top of the cupboard, where I not only look down on the humans, but my entire meowdom. I can keep my eye on human movements, and register the filling of the food bowl with tuna fish and the emptying of my recycling tray.

We felines are the perfection of elevation. It lies in the whiskers and the paws.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline elevation