Daily Feline Prompt: Feline crescendo


“Tabby what are you waiting for?”

“Mrs. Human, felines wait for nothing. We are strong and overcome all obstacles, but we have to think about it first.”

“I thought you wanted to come inside.”

“Yes, that was my intention, but I am confronted by a deep gorge in between the stones and my home.”

“That should be no problem for a feline.”

“Of course it is not a problem Mrs. Human. We felines can do it, although this is rather a crescending gorge with a very wide space to jump across.”

“Then jump Tabby.”

“I am thinking about it. I am not in the mood for jumping today, perhaps I am suffering from vertigo.”

“I have never seen a feline with vertigo Tabby.”

“I might be the first victim. What if I cannot reach the other side. I know the solution Mrs. Human, you could carry me across the gap.”

“Tabby that will not work. I would have to cross the gap to get to the other side and might have an accident.”

“But you expect me to jump across the gap, perhaps break a paw, or even worse lose some whiskers, as a vertigo victim.”

“Tabby you can do it, I am sure. You have succeeded so often.”

“They were other days when my feline balance system was ready to go. I need some time to build up my sense of jump. Ok, I will take the risk, but be prepared to catch me if I might fall.”

“Of course Tabby, I am waiting on the other side of the gap, so jump.”

“Taby where are your going?”

“I have changed my mind. Any feline can jump over a gap and reach the other side. I have decided to walk around our appartment and enter on the other side, where there is no need to jump. Why risk my life, my paws, my whiskers when there is an easier solution.”

“And I thought you would take a record breaking leap to reach a crescendo.”

“No crescendo today Mrs. Human, it is just not a day for crescendos.”

“But look, I have a bowl of tuna fish ready for you.”

“Oh, in that case.”

“You see Tabby, your jump across the dangerous gorge was successful.”

“No problem, you just have to use the right words. Of course I can do it: felines first and above all, tuna fish first.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Crescendo