Daily Feline Prompt: Meowing Overcome


We shall overcome
Paw tin openers will exist
We will have opposable thumbs, some day
Oh, deep in my whiskers
I do a purr
We shall open the tin some day

We’ll walk paw in paw
We’ll walk with a claw
We’ll walk with heads held up in a meow
Oh, deep in my tail
We will never fail
We shall open the tin, some day.
We don’t want to live in peace
We would rather have a feast
We will conquer the tuna tin beast, some day
Oh, deep in my claws,
with a hiss for making wars
We shall open the tin, some day.

We are not so weak
We have a very mean streak
We will succeed to open the tin TODAY
Oh deep in my fang
We will bite, the tin will clang
Mrs. Human will open the tin today

“Mrs. Human I have written a hit song, it will be a success. One of those anti feline war songs.”

“Great Tabby, I am sure your fans will love it.”

“Of course they will I am the best. And now your can complete the success.”


“Yes Mrs. Human. Open the tin of tuna fish.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Meowing Overcome