Daily Feline Prompt: Disobeying Feline

Roschti 11.09.2017

“Mrs. Human, you are breaking the rules.”

“What rules Tabby, I did not know that rules existed in meow. I was under the impression that felines do what they want to do.”

“Of course, rules are a human thing, but here two feline laws are being broken. First of all you should keep my territory free from invasions of the third kind. Here is quite clearly an feline extra in my territory. It is Roschti, the invader from the neighbour’s house and he definitely does not belong here. That is the first offence.”

“You mean there are more?”

“Yes, and it is entirely a human fault. Not only is my private sphere invaded, but my human slave takes a photo. The second offence is that all photos on my blog are only allowed with my express permission. You have not only taken a studio portrait of the red peril but have put it in the first place on top of the page without asking. This is an insult to my feline dominance and you did not ask for permission.”

“Tabby I take a photo of you every day for your articles, and today for a change I have included a photo of Roschti. Someone has already made it a favourite on my photo page.”

“You are adding insult to injury Mrs. Human. The photo is now all over Pawternet and probably on your Pawbook page as well.”

“Not yet, but it will be when I cross post it. I am sure Roschti will be happy to see his photo in Pawternet for a change.”

“The title of this blog should be “Disobeying Human”, It is always Tabby first and everything else comes afterwards.”

“It is only an exception Tabby, tomorrow you will again be first as always.”

“I should hope so. However I am very unhappy as this is an affront to my importance. It can only be compensated with a bowl of tuna fish.”

“Of course Tabby, but stop crying about spilt milk.”

“I am not crying, felines do not cry, we only hiss and I do not drink milk. I have a lactose affinity and prefer water.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Disobeying Feline